The Killing Joke's on You
About Asks and Guidelines

(I hope I don’t sound like I have a stick stuck up my butt, but I still have to clarify some things.)

Magic/God Anons - Feel free to submit your black majiks, but I can’t promise I’ll do all of them!

Shippings/Pairings Asks - First I want to congratulate you on doing the impossible, AKA shipping a homicidal jester maniac with anything, and secondly shipping answer asks will be completed, art asks maybe maybe not. Depends on how lazy I am.

Submissions - Oh sweet, if you do then you have all of my love, all of it. Though in the very rare case, very rare, I mean, the chance of me landing a skillshot rare, chance that it happens to be NSFW or offensive I’ll reply back to you with a message.

Also, if I am annoying/bothering your character too much/being a dickhead in general ooc then please do call me out on it. 

I apologize if you sent me something and I haven’t replied to it yet, I’m slower than a hundred year old snail. But do feel free to heckle me a bit, it works wonders!

When stuff is only in one set of parenthesis (like this) it’s still Shaco making a side comment, if it’s in double parenthesis ((like this)) it’s actually me ooc talking there.

If in the meteor smacking my face rare case you want to use my crappy art for something, feel free to! Don’t worry about asking me, it’s all yours. Seriously. No linking/sourcing necessary, though it would be a nice gesture. :)

I think it’s pretty obvious, but I’m a chick, woohoo! Vagina award get!